HRC Industries Hydraulic hoses, hydraulic fittings, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic accessories

HRC Industries was started in 2013. Currently we strive to supply the best product and service and have a wide range of products that is carried in stock. Our main lines of supply are:

Hydraulics’, Pneumatics and Automotive

We have a wide range of pipes and fittings that we stock and all basic engineering is done on our premises.

Rubber Extrusions, Moldings, Sheeting

We own a wide range of molds and die’s that is used for the manufacture of certain profiles. All tooling is engineered according to the request of the customer.

Clothing PPE, Safety Equipment

PPE and safety equipment is also stocked and can be supplied on request.

If we are unable to resolve the customer’s request in-house we are in a position to procure the items or advice from various suppliers or individuals throughout the country.

We hope to be in your service soon.

Thanking You