Power Brake Accessories are designed to improve the performance of certain components of a power brake system or the entire power brake system as a unit. HRC Industries’ Power Break Systems can improve your power brakes in several ways by increasing the durability of certain components or improving upon their existing features.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that different accessories offer different features. So if you’re interested in our power brake accessories, be sure to contact us first.

Benefits of Power brake upgrade kits.

  • Maximum resistance to distortion (warping), cracking and surface crazing.
  • Reduced pad-glazing resulting in improved brake response.
  • Substantial reduction of brake fade caused by ‘outgassing’.
  • Reduced stopping distances (particularly when braking from high speeds or following a number of consecutive brake applications).
  • Improved brake consistency under spirited driving conditions or when carrying heavy loads or towing.
  • Reduced disc scoring.
  • More uniform pad wear.
  • Improved wet weather braking.
  • Increased wear life in high-use applications.
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Upgrade kit01